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My Assignment Services is a writing service that is based in Australia. However, they appear to serve customers worldwide. We have had several students inquire, is my assignment services legit? We are here to answer that question with this review on MyAssignmentServices. As is the case with all our reviews, we go through a rigorous process to evaluate each writing service. We want to give every company a fair chance. We also want to provide you with thorough and accurate information. Here is a list of the steps we took before writing this review.

1. We read customer reviews.

3. 2. We explored the BBB website and others to determine, is a scam?

4. We reviewed testimonials.

5. We compared MyAssignmentServices prices with other similar writing services.

6. We explored the writing service website.

7. We placed an order for essay writing services for a college student.

8. We engaged with our writer and customer support.

9. We reviewed the paper we received for quality and accuracy.

Services Offered

The primary service here is focused on academic writing. We ordered an essay for a college student to be delivered within ten days. However, all other forms of academic writing are also available here. The company also offers a CV writing service. SOP writing is also an option for students seeking admissions into educational programs. Finally, students can receive live tutoring services.

Quality of Products and Writing

Our essay was delivered on time. However, we had many concerns. First, the writing was very off. The phrasing was all wrong. The writer did not appear to really understand the subject matter. It also appeared as if there were significant language barrier issues. We didn’t notice this when communicating with our writer, so we suspect we may have been dealing with a company who uses native speakers to interact with customers but outsources to writers who aren’t very qualified in order to take advantage of cheap labor.

Pricing and Discounts

We paid 12.99 per page for a very basic essay. In terms of pricing, this is very average. We did not qualify for a MyAssignmentServcies discount. However, while a MyAssignmentServices promo code would have been nice, we would have preferred higher quality writing. That along with dubious business practices were the most concerning to us.

Extra Features

As part of writing this My Assignment Services review, we looked for any bonus content and services. In this case, we found a blog. The posts here are targeted at college students. They are actually pretty well-written. However, there isn’t much variety. It’s all about academics for the most part. There are also some writing samples available. These don’t match the quality of the work we received though. Site users can also leave reviews directly through the site. On a positive note, many of these seemed to be pretty balanced. We were impressed that the site doesn’t appear to censor opinions too much.

Final Recommendations

We are sad to report that our final My Assignment Services rating is poor. There were several reasons we came to this conclusion. We were primarily concerned with the poor quality of the product we received. We simply cannot endorse a site that does not provide good writing. We were also concerned with several online reports that indicated that this may be one of many companies that are actually operated by an offshore company and that many of the writers are not fluent in English. Site navigation was also a minor concern. So was the lack of any, useful coupon codes. Finally, we are concerned about the overall lack of information about this company.

We strongly recommend avoiding this service, if you are interested in receiving a quality paper. Instead, check out some of our other reviews. There are several writing services that provide superior research, writing, and customer service.

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