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Welcome to our review of Essays Writing. We are writing this in response to students who want to know, is a scam? Is EssaysWriting legit? What does it cost? Can I trust this writing service to provide me with an A+ paper? We are here to answer these questions. We have:

  • Read customers reviews
  • Searched for coupon codes and other discounts
  • Placed an order for writing services
  • Explored their website
  • Read testimonials
  • Conducted other online research

This write up is a summary of all of our experiences. Our final recommendation is at the end of this review on EssaysWriting.

Services Offered

This is an academic writing service. We placed an order for an undergraduate essay. We selected the longest possible due date. We did not order any extras. The company offers essays, research papers, reports, presentations, and other standard academic writing. They also do editing and proofreading. Our review is based on the quality of the essay we ordered as well as other factors mentioned above. They did not offer business or resume writing as of this review.

Quality of Products And Writing

Sadly, this was very disappointing. Our paper was almost laughably bad. There was an astonishing number of spelling and grammar mistakes. These could have easily been caught with a simple spell check. We would think a writing service would do this, or have editors on staff. Clearly, they do not.

In addition to errors, writing and research were simply poor. This was not university level writing at all. We were unhappy with the product we received. We attempted to contact customer support. They were not helpful whatsoever.

Pricing And Discounts

We paid around ten dollars per page. This means that EssaysWriting prices are relatively low. Unfortunately, we suspect this means that they are unable to hire and retain decent writers. So, you pay rock bottom prices but get very poor quality writing. Students should know that they often get exactly what they pay for. We searched for an EssaysWriting discount. We did not find one. We suspect that with prices this low, an EssaysWriting promo code will simply never be an option.

Extra Features

There aren’t too many extra features here. There is a blog. It’s notable in that it is pretty well done. However, that’s about it. We didn’t encounter any videos or articles. All in all, this is a fairly barren website and writing service. This is disappointing as better features could potentially balance out mediocre writing.

Final Recommendations

Our final Essays Writing rating is poor. We appreciated the excellent blog content and lower prices. Unfortunately, this was not enough to make up for very poor quality writing and lackluster customer support. Rather than going cheap with a service like this, students should take a look at our other reviews. There, they can find content providers that combine reasonable rates with discounts and quality writing. If you encounter this writing service, heed our Essays Writing review, and take a hard pass.









Fulton: "Pricey"

"Such a cool website! And unfortunately, the quality of their wwriting is very poor. Plus, expensive for students. I had to pay almost a hundred dollars for a basic essay."

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