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Looking at Life After High School? Here are Some Tips

By: Paper Writing Reviews

Posted: May 17, 2017

Content looking at life after high school here are some tips

If you are beginning your senior year, you have lots to think about and lots of choices to make about what comes after high school. You have several options, and each of those options comes with tips for life after high school.

Option 1: A Four-Year College Degree Program

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If you definitely want that four-year degree and want to begin that journey at a four-year school, then you have much to do at the beginning of your senior year. You have to complete those applications, write those application essays, and think seriously about a major. Here are a few tips for life after high school with this option.

  • It will be good to have an idea of what you want to major in. This can determine the schools you choose to apply to. Take interest inventories; do some thinking about what interests you.
  • If you are unsure about a major, think about a state school that has a broad range of major fields of study.
  • Look at finances carefully. If your parents are able to fund your education, great. If not, think about how much you will need to borrow and how many years it may take to pay it back.

Option 2: Begin at a Community College and then Transfer

This is a great option if cost is a big factor in your decision. Community colleges have two-year programs that will transfer straight to four-year schools. Here are some tips if you select this option:

  • If you do not know what your major field may be, take all general education classes and electives that relate to your interests
  • If you do know what your ultimate major field will be, take as many early courses in that field as possible. This will help you decide if that field is really for you or not.
  • Use your two-year course of studies to fine tune your writing skills – they will be essential and more complex when you get into those last two years. If you have challenges with writing, find the best online paper writing service you can, and get help while you improve your skills.

Option 3: An Associate’s Degree from a Community College Then Work

Today, this is becoming an option for many more kids as they think about what comes after high school. If this is one you are considering, then here are some important tips:

  • Have a definite major in mind before you go. You only have two years to get an employable skill – don’t waste time. If you are unsure, take some time off before you enroll.
  • Check out employment forecasts. Whatever field you choose, make sure that it holds a good forecast and that your skills will be in demand.
  • There are certifications that you can earn with a two-year degree, especially in IT fields. Get all of the certifications that you can.

Option 4: Taking a Gap Year

Here is another option that more and more students are now taking. This is a valuable choice for students who are saying to themselves, “After high school, what next?” If this is you, and you have no answer for this question, how about a gap year? If this is your choice, consider the following:

  • Find something worthwhile, perhaps some volunteer work that will serve a societal need. This will look good on a resume, especially if you decide to enter the workforce afterward.
  • If you have a true interest in a field, you should look for a gap year activity that relates in some way.

Option 5: To Work

This is the answer to what comes after high school for another large group of soon-to-be grads. The enter the workforce and can actually make a good income if they have had certain vocational/technical training while in high school. More and more high schools are providing such training for student who choose to end their educations at the end of high school. If this is you, here are a couple of tips:

  • Get with your high school counselor and determine what skillsets you have and what the job market is.
  • Use your senior year to enhance the skills you have through specific coursework that will make you more valuable to potential employers
  • Don’t discount going on for additional schooling later on in life. You just might do that.

It’s great to have so many options. And any one of them can prove to be rewarding and provide you with the life’s work that you will find just right for you. The other great thing? Nothing is carved in stone. You can always change paths at any time.