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Visit siteRate has been in the writing service business since 2008 and is headquartered in the UK. It boasts over 500 writers, all with Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in a wide range of academic fields, so that it can produce any assignment a student might receive. 

Its website is well-organized with the most important links at the top and a number of footer pages related to policies, writers, sample products, and a host of short articles that give detailed explanations of all of the products and services it offers.

In writing up this SmartWritingService review, we looked at a number of factors, as we always do. We want to give our users as much factual information as possible, as they consider which writing services will best meet their needs for quality, service, and price. In the case of Smart Writing Service, we looked at the following:

  • We read all of the content on its website, focusing on its guarantees, its policies, and its processes.

  • We reviewed several of the detailed footer pages on the types of products students can order

  • We looked at pricing and compared it to other comparable writing services

  • We read through the three samples the company published on its site

  • We reviewed on-site testimonials from customers

  • We reviewed comments and feedback that our users submitted and that we solicited and found on the web

This summary is the result of all that we have found. As always, our goal is to provide the facts, so that the user of our site can find trusted and reliable writing services to meet their needs.

Services Offered

Products and Services from Smart Writing Service


The focus of is clearly academic, and it is certainly comprehensive. Among its many services that can be found in a drop-down menu link at the top of the home page are the following:

  • Essays of any type, on any subject, and at levels spanning high school through graduate programs.

  • Term and research papers at any academic level, on any topic, and following any specifications that students submit with their orders.

  • Case studies, lab reports, presentations, research projects, and analyses

  • Book and movie reviews

  • Graduate-level projects, including theses and dissertations

  • Admissions and scholarship essays

  • Homework assignments and projects, especially in STEM subjects

  • Multiple-choice test-taking

The full listing is quite large, and the company states that if you do not find your specific product need, go ahead and fill out an order form and they will find an expert to get it done. We would also urge customers to read the details of the footer pages that are related to what they need, so that they have a better idea of what they will get.

Quality of Products And Writing

Guarantees from Smart Writing Service


We can only judge quality by what others say about it and by looking at the compositional level of the site content, especially the samples that are provided. And quality, of course, is what customers are really looking for. Our overall impression is a bit mixed, because of the following:

  • High school students seem to be satisfied with the quality they receive for the essays and papers they receive.

  • As academic levels go up, though, there are some concerns about writing quality. Some customers stated that there were grammatical and word usage errors that they did not expect to see, and they had to ask for revisions or correct these errors themselves before submitting their pieces for grading.

  • As we reviewed the footer pages on product details, we also noticed some errors in verb tense, word usage, and sentence structure.

  • We carefully reviewed the three sample products that the company itself provided – a comparison of Alexander the Great and Caesar, a paper on the dialogical model of the human self and society, and the historical impact of society on science. In all three pieces, we were impressed with the topics but did find compositional errors that should not have occurred. These were obviously also a bit old, as the resources were no more current than 2006. We would urge the company to provide a greater variety of samples that are more current and related to students at all academic levels. A high school student would certainly not relate to these samples. And, in the case of the piece on science and society, we would be looking for a stronger and much clearer thesis statement.

Overall, we do have some concerns that ESL writers are in use, though the company states otherwise.

Pricing And Discounts

Payments and Prices from Smart Writing Service


SmartWritingService prices fall within the industry average. A high school essay, with a 14-day deadline runs $10 a page, and costs graduate as academic levels, complexity, and deadline requirements increase. This is standard for the industry, so no surprises here. 

We contacted customer service about discounts. There are actually discounts provided to repeat customers, and those will be given if asked for. There are no promotional discount coupon or promo codes for first-time customers, although we were told that special sale pricing will be occasionally published on the website. We have no reasons to doubt this.

Making payment is easy and totally secure. Customer can use any major credit card. PayPal or Moneybookers. The company uses a third-party payment processor with full SSL-certification, and no financial information is ever provided or held by itself.

Extra Features

Features from Smart Writing Service


There are no unique features to mention here. Customers do obviously get their title and bibliography pages free of charge, and company policies guarantee a full plagiarism check on every product, as well as full confidentiality of personal information that a customer provides. Indeed, customers can feel safe that their information will not be sold or shared with any third-party.

Final Recommendations has been a legal business for a number of years. It is a reliable service, receiving orders from customers, following their specifications, and delivering products and services on time. We would recommend that the company clean up the composition and publish more varied and contemporary samples, so that the average student has a better idea of quality. Overall, we have assigned a rating of 3.5 on a scale of 1 – 5.


Decent review of by PaperWriting.Reviews









Ricky: "This service disappointed me"

"This service disappointed me. I ordered a case study, which was really urgent, but it was late! For 4 hours, guys! Thus I had to hand it in the next day and got my mark reduced. The support team didn’t explain the situation to me, they didn’t even apologize. I don’t think that I was the only unlucky customer there, so just keep it in mind if you want to order from them."









Jason: "Not professional support"

"I needed to contact support team ASAP during the writer`s work. Yet, I wasn`t able to. They did not reply to any of my messages for almost two days! When they did the problem didn`t make sense anymore, because the writer did it wrong! And yes, you cannot freely communicate with your writer.... Do not recommend! "









Larisa: "Poor service"

"Too much plagiarism and no discounts for customers."

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