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Is a scam? That’s just one of the many questions we’ve received from students about Custom Essay. That’s why we’re providing students like you with this review on CustomEssay. To complete our Custom Essay review with fair and accurate information, we took the following steps:

1. Read previously published customer reviews

2. Reviewed testimonials

3. Placed an Order For Writing Services

4. Searched For Coupon Codes

5. Explored The Website For Bonus Content And Services

Is CustomEssay legit? Keep reading to learn more about our experiences.

Services Offered

Based on our research, this appears to be a site that only offers academic writing services. When we placed our order for college level, essay writing services, we did not see any mention of resume writing services or copywriting services. We also did not notice any affiliate sites that could offer additional services.

As far as academic writing goes, all of the standard offerings are here. This includes essay writing, research papers, term papers, lab reports, thesis, and dissertations among others. They also offer editing and proofreading services.

Quality of Products and Writing

Unfortunately, we encountered a significant issue with the essay we received. First, it arrived more than 24 hours past the due date. While this didn’t make a difference for review purposes, this could lead to a student receiving a failing grade. We opened the essay to review it, and we were instantly dismayed. There were glaring spelling errors starting in the first paragraph.

In addition to this, the research done was subpar. The sources used were not acceptable for academics. In addition to this, the writing was very elementary, lacking in any real academic insight.

Pricing and Discounts

CustomEssay prices are exceptionally high. In fact, we considered writing this review without placing an order because of the excessive costs. At 40 dollars per page, that is nearly three times what you might pay at a similar writing service. Worse, you are paying this much money for questionable content. In addition to this, we were unable to find a CustomEssay discount. While the order form has an entry for a CustomEssay promo code, we were unable to find any readily available on the site.

This leads us to the next issue. That is payment methods. Other sites make this process secure and easy. You simply use Paypal, debit or credit card, then make your payment. It’s easy and secure. Here, they route you to a separate site where you receive your invoice. There you must set up a bank transfer or pay via email. Both methods are invasive and involve sharing information that you may not wish to share. Scary stuff.

Extra Features

We search the sites we review to find any interesting content, videos, reviews, insights, or extra services that might be available. We believe these contribute to making a writing service more valuable to students, and the community at large. Unfortunately, we did not find much here at all. There is a blog. However, the writing is quite poor. The subject matter is also dry and boring. We suspect this content was created to simply make the site appear more robust, and not with

Final Recommendations

We regret to say that we give a final Custom Essay rating of poor. There were significant issues with customer service, website navigation, and writing quality. In addition to this, the prices here are exceptionally high. These are the factors that lead us to write this negative review. Students who are in need of custom essay writing services should strongly consider using one of the many other writing services we have endorsed here.

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