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Because students often approach us with questions about services that offer tutoring or other assistance, we are expanding our review section. This is why we are presenting this 24 Hour Answers review. Rather than offering writing assistance, this company matches college students and others with online tutors who have the expertise that we need. As always, we go through a rigorous process to ensure that our reviews are fair and balanced. Here are the steps we took before we wrote this evaluation:

  1. We read 24HourAnswers.com customer reviews.
  2. We solicited feedback from students who had ordered tutoring and other services from 24 Hour Answers.
  3. We interacted with customer support.
  4. We explored the website.
  5. We conducted other online research.
  6. We compared prices and available discounts.
  7. We researched customer service complaints to see if there were complaints or known legal issues.

What is the verdict? Is this an academic service that can be trusted? Below is a summary of our overall experiences. Keep reading to learn more.

Services Offered

As mentioned above, they do not offer standard writing or editing services. They also do not serve business customers or job seekers. Instead, students enter the information they have about the academic subject, grade level, and specific help that they need. They are then matched with a variety of tutors who have the right expertise. Students can then choose from these tutors, agree on a price, and proceed with a business transaction.

Quality of Products and Writing

We communicated with several students to see if they believed this was a reliable tutoring service. Unfortunately, most were quite underwhelmed. One common complaint was that the tutors seemed very interested in making sessions last as long as possible. This is understandable, albeit frustrating. Tutors are paid for their time. That means they are not obligated to provide a finished product or any particular results. Most tutors have online bios stating that they are Ph.D. candidates or have a Master's degree. Again, students were skeptical about these qualifications.

We did appreciate that students are able to review the qualifications of each tutor. They may also chat with tutors before making a final decision. Unfortunately, they must largely rely on the claims the tutors themselves make. There isn’t a clear way to determine that tutors are qualified, and customer support does not give much support to students who believe they have worked with a less than a qualified tutor. Finally, if a student does like their tutor, they may opt to work with them in the future.

Pricing and Discounts

24 Hour Answers isn’t a standard writing service. Instead, students work directly with tutors and negotiate prices with them. As a result, no 24HourAnswers prices are published on the website. These vary according to the tutor, and the precise work being done. This also means that there is no 24HourAnswers discount available. Tutors do not offer 24HourAnswers.com coupon codes.

In spite of there not being a 24HourAnswers promo code, our student panel did find that making payment was quite easy. They paid for their services via PayPal. We consider this a safe choice. Other, secure methods of payment are available as well. Is 24HourAnswers.com a scam? No, they are not, at least in terms of making payment and receiving services. Quality, however, is another matter.

Extra Features

We did not find much in the way of extra features here. There is a library of information available. However, students must pay to access that information. Some students paid for this access. Unfortunately, they found that most of the information was incomplete or inaccurate. This makes that extra feature not very worthwhile. This is a shame as something extra could really make this site more appealing.

As part of our review, we also read the policy pages that are linked on the site. These are the privacy, terms of use, and other pages typically linked on the front page of a website. Our concern was that they might abuse student data. While we did not find evidence of that, we did encounter a few concerns. These are listed as follows:

  • There is no mention of GDPR policies. This is an issue if students in the EU use this service.
  • Students may deactivate their accounts, but it does not appear as if they can delete their data from the website's servers.
  • There is no information on the way that the website handles cookies.
  • All policy pages are brief and do not go into sufficient detail on terms of use, privacy, or other matters.

Final Recommendations

Our final 24 Hour Answers rating is poor. While we regret to give such a low score, there were several factors here that left us no choice. Ultimately, the answer to the question ‘is 24HourAnswers legit?’ is no. There were some positive 24HourAnswers.com testimonials, but the overall sentiment is negative. Our review on 24HourAnsers concludes that students receive low-quality assistance, and that customer support was poorly trained and unhelpful. In addition to this, students paid additional money to access a library of information that contained information that was largely inaccurate. That is unacceptable for an academic database, even a self-styled one.

Fortunately, there are many online tutoring services that offer excellent assistance to university students. We encourage you to continue reading the reviews that we have posted here. We are certain that you will find an academic service that will meet your needs.

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